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Vicki Lorman(non-registered)
Loved the photo you already posted on Dawn's facebook !! Now you've got me anxious to see more, with MY Camaro !! I'm Vicki Lorman, the girl today with the 2002 Camaro Z28 - RED - with SWEEDY license plates... and I'm the one with a walking stick and the 'Herman Munster' foot brace (because of a severe bone disease which the surgeons are trying desperately to save my foot from amputation).
I'd like to give you my email address, my cell number, and I'm also on facebook. This way you'll be able to contact me regarding all of the photographs you took today of my vehicle at the Cooper Winery. My Camaro was on the top right of the 'Camaro Heart' with the other 35th Anniversary Edition (which was an 'SS' and had the top silver stripes)... both rare and real specialty Camaro's. Also you took some shots in front of the rose bushes, and I don't know if you took one with the grapes in the background when it was on the road next to our picnic tables.
OK, my email address is [email protected] and my cell number is (916) 880-0016. So whenever you have all of the different photographs separated out, if you would, please let me know...probably by email perhaps ??
Best regards, Vicki Lorman
michelle DeWitt(non-registered)
Dianne your photos are beautiful and I am so very proud of you!! keep doing what your doing hunny cant wait to see more :)
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