I can remember my first little 110 camera that my grandma gave me. I swear, I took more pictures of squirrels at the park than anything else. I loved taking pictures but they were just kid stuff. I eventually got a point and shoot 35mm camera and then when in L.A. one time I was out at the Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman set and I couldn't get a decent photo to save my life. That evening my husband took me shopping to a Ritz Camera store. I purchased a wonderful Pentax 35mm SLR camera with a 75-300mm lens and an 18-55mm lens. That poor camera was used for many years. Finally when it was no longer advancing the film properly, I went back to another Ritz Camera store and got a DSLR Canon 30d. Oh boy did that camera get used. For the next 4 years I shot short course and desert racing, football, cheerleading, soccer, wrestling and anything else that caught my fancy. Then with my Canon 30d not keeping up with me and the higher ISO's I wanted for night action photography, I upgraded to a DSLR Canon 7d and several L series lenses. I am completely in love with photography. It has become a passion. I want to share your special moments with you and take the photos that remind you of those special moments. That is why I believe that todays special moments can become tomorrow's treasured photos. I specialize in action sports, Senior and Family portraits and Wedding Photography. If you have and event that you need a photographer for, please give me a call. 209-304-8028